Frequently asked questions

What do I need to place an order with you?

You only need your prescription – it’s that simple. Visit your local optometrist for an eye test and receive your prescription. The optometrist must, by law, provide you with a clear, legible copy of your prescription. 

Alternatively, you may use a previous prescription as long as it is not more than two years old. It’s your choice where you buy your glasses, the optometrist shouldn’t imply that you need to buy from their shop.

Why are the prices so low?

If you do not want to pay a premium for frame branding, bricks and mortar facility and other retail staff costs and overheads that goes towards significantly overpricing for glasses then you need to shop directly with ComfySpecs.

Our costs are significantly lower because we do not have to finance expensive retail outlets, eye testing equipment and employ an Optometrist and other sales staff. We also source stock directly from the manufacturers and therefore can keep prices low.

With modern manufacturing technologies and facilities, abundance of raw materials, cost per unit of glasses are exceptionally low. even for branded items. Do not be misguided in the belief a global brand or an overpriced item infers quality.

At ComfySpec we deliver quality at unimaginable value. You can rest assured our products will exceed your expectations.

What are the benefits of ComfySpecs Membership?

Members have access to an amazing range of glasses at near manufacturing cost rather than paying retail cost for quality finished glasses. Members have the opportunity to change glasses with the season and not be in financial debt as the cost of a new pair of glasses is almost at manufactured cost price. To maintain an active membership, members only need to spend $60 every 6 (six) month to access members only special pricing.


How do I obtain a prescription?

Make an appointment to have your eyes tested at your local Optometrist, and request a copy of your spectacle prescription. By law, the Optometrist must provide you with a legible copy of your prescription.

You can also use a previous prescription that is less than 2 years old. Eye examinations by most optometrists are bulk billed (Australia only) so will not cost you anything. Make sure the PD is written down on your prescription.

Interpreting your prescription

The Sphere power is the amount of long sightedness or short sightedness you have and always has a plus (+) or minus (-) sign in front of it. You can have a sphere power by itself without the need for a cylinder or axis.

The Cylinder power is the amount of astigmatism and also has a plus (+) or minus (-) sign in front of it. If you have a cylinder value, you will also have an axis value.

The Axis is the angle of astigmatism correction. If you have an axis value you will also have a cylinder value.

The Add value is added to the distance prescription to obtain your near only prescription. If you do not see an Add value, do not be concerned. It may not be required depending on how the prescription has been written.

A typical prescription may look like this:

(OD) RE -2.00 / -1.50 x 90       

(OS)  LE -3.00 / -0.75 x 85              Add +2.00

PD 64 / 61                                             

  • The (-2.00) and (-3.00) are the sphere powers,
  • The (-1.50) and (-0.75) are the cylinder powers,
  • The 90 and 85 are the axis values, and
  • The 64 and 61 are the pupillary distance.

It is common for the optometrist to sometimes leave out the decimal points. If you see a number like -025 or +175, it is understood that your optometrist means -0.25 or +1.75, respectively. Also, an axis of 5 (or 05) is the same as 005; 90 is the same as 090.

What is the Pupillary Distance (PD)?

The Pupillary Distance (PD) is the distance between the centre of your pupil in the right eye and the left eye. It ensures that the lenses are accurately made so that the centre of the lens sits right over the centre of your pupils. The number is often made up of two parts e.g. 65/62. This corresponds to a PD of 65 for distance and 62 for near.

At ComfySpecs you can enter both PD values if available by selecting the ‘Dual PD’ option when you enter your prescription. You should ask your optometrist to measure your PD when you obtain your prescription.

If you do not enter your PD value, you will not be able to place an order.

Can’t read or don’t know what your prescription says

If you are having difficulty interpreting your prescription, please contact us via our webpage and our consultants will contact you. Alternatively if you have a softcopy (scanned) you may email it to us at info@comfyspecs.com.au

Can I use my contact lens prescription?

Although contact lens prescriptions look similar to spectacle prescriptions, there are significant differences. A contact lens prescription is not sufficient to order spectacles online. The prescription must not be more than 2 years old.


What are your lenses made of?

The standard lens we use is a lightweight 1.60 hi index lens for all orders. It comes with an anti-reflective coating to make your vision even clearer by cutting off the reflected light from the front lens surface and UV protection. We believe in providing a quality lens that is thin, light and aesthetically appealing. No other company provides this as their standard offering.

For the nylon or rimless glasses we have the option to use polycarbonate lenses which are stronger than normal plastic lenses so that it does not break as easily. We also give you the option of using ‘higher index’ lenses to make it even thinner and lighter. This is highly recommended for high prescriptions.

Do you sell prescription sunglasses?

Yes. Simply choose the colour tint you would like in the lens options section. Our lenses are tinted up to 85% darkness.

What lens coatings do you have?

We have several different lens options available:

  • Anti Reflection Coating/Multicoat - This is a coating applied to the front surface of the lens to reduce reflections from the front lens surface. This results in clearer and sharper vision, and eliminates the red eye effect when taking photos. This is standard on all our stock lenses and comes free of charge.
  • UV Coating - provides protection from harmful UV light, is standard for our stock lenses and is free of charge.
  • Blue Light Filter – Modern life style and modern technology (e.g. mobile) emits blue light. These are harmful for eye health. Blue light filters will block out a select range of these harmful light emitted from devices and other light sources.
  • Full Tint - permanently tinted lenses used for prescription sunglasses 
  • Photochromatic - clear lenses inside which change to tinted lenses in direct UV light.
  • Polarise lens - These lenses are the superior choice in glare reduction. Polarise lenses block glare from light reflected off the surface of water better than any other type of sunglasses.  It blocks glare from any light reflected from a horizontal surface and can help with activities such as driving. Light sensitive people can benefit immensely from polarise lenses as well.
  • Scratch resistant coating – this is standard on all our lenses and comes free of charge.

Do you sell bifocals or multifocals/progressives?

No. The height of the reading segment in a bifocal and the height of your pupil centre in a multifocal need to be measured accurately with you wearing your frame of choice and this cannot be done online.

Why are some prescriptions not available using standard lenses?

Our business model is to offer value for money and at the same time ensure that the glasses also look good. Where the astigmatism value is greater than 2.00 (two or 200 as written by some Optometrist) a standard stock lens is not available. Customers will be required to use a grind lens or non standard stock lens, that is a custom ordered lens.

What are high index lenses?

Standard lenses are often referred to as CR-39 these are 1.50 index. Customers with high prescriptions who wish to use thinner, lighter and stronger lenses have the option of selecting high index lenses. We offer the following hi-index lenses where appropriate and available:

  • 1.55 or 1.56 high index
  • 1.60 high index (minimum standard lens included at ComfySpecs)
  • 1.67 high index
  • 1.74 high index

Frames and adjustments

What do the frame measurements mean?

There are three numbers the eye size, the bridge size and temple length. The eye size is the horizontal diameter of the frame from the left to the right for one eye. The bridge size is the size of the bridge over your nose. The temple length is the length of the arm.  eg. 52 -14 – 140. The 52 is the eye size, 14 is the bridge size and 140 is the temple length.



What if my frames need adjusting?

Most frames will fit well. Minor adjustments are easy to do and most optical shops will do this for you even if the glasses were not purchased from them. 


What is your guarantee policy?

Each pair of glasses is carefully inspected by our Optometrist/Optical Mechanic prior to dispatch. All frames are packaged in a protective case. In the unlikely event that they arrive with a defect, we will replace your glasses free of charge. Please login to our website using your username and password and report this to us within 10 days after delivery to receive your replacement glasses.

What does the guarantee cover?

The guarantee covers any faults to the frame or lenses on receipt of goods or the lenses not having been manufactured to the prescription given to us at the time of order. It does not cover breakage caused by yourself and does not cover you not liking the style or the fit of the glasses once you have received them. Because of the nature of the product, wear and tear over time will mean the glasses will not be as new, therefore we do not warrant against any scratching to the lens or the frames.

How long does the guarantee last?

All our frames and lenses come with a 12 month manufacturer’s warranty period from date of delivery. However this does not cover scratches or damages from misuse or general wear and tear.

What if I entered some information incorrectly?

As we process orders very fast, you need to email us immediately in order that we can correct the error before we go to production. Lenses already in the manufacturing process cannot be refunded or changed.

Payment and Delivery

What are the methods of payment?

Pay by credit card (all major credit cards are accepted).

How do I know the payment is secure?

At ComfySpecs customers can rest assured that when private and confidential information are entered on our website the webpage is secured. In addition to securing the webpage we have also secured the communication between our webpage and the bank during payment transmission processing.

Part of our security offering is to implement an SSL Certificate (Secure Sockets Layer) from leading online data security firms. At ComfySpecs we will use GeoTrust Certificate this ensures our online customers receive the highest level of encryption possible and assures that credit card numbers, account numbers and other confidential and sensitive information cannot be intercepted or altered when transmitted between the ComfySpecs web server and the bank’s web server.

What are the postage and packing costs?

The shipping cost is a flat fee of $10.00 registered post or $15.00 express post for all deliveries within Australia. Glasses are carefully packed into a glasses case and sent using express post or registered post by Australia Post.

Customers outside of Australia will have their glasses sent by registered international post. Shipping cost for customers outside of Australia are as follows:


International Registered

$10.00 / $15.00


All charges are in $AUD.

The countries are grouped as follows:



Rest of the World






China (including HK, Macau & Taiwan)

East Timor
















New Caledonia


Papua New Guinea


Saudi Arabia


South Korea

Sri Lanka

















Puerto Rico

United States










Czech Republic























South Africa





The Netherlands



United Kingdom




Note: With the exception of Australia and New Zealand purchases will only be accepted for the above listed countries.

How long will my order take to arrive?

We will process your order within a day of receiving it. Most customers receive their glasses within 2 weeks but it will depend on the complexity of your prescription and chosen options. At the very latest, 28 days. This amount of time needs to be allowed in case there is an unforeseen problem with the manufacturer / supplier or delivery agent. If this is the case then it will be outside the control of ComfySpecs.

Health Funds

Can I be reimbursed by my Health Fund?

This is only applicable for customers residing in Australia and who has private health insurance that entitles them to claim eligible rebates for their glasses purchases.

An online receipt will be issued for customers to claim against their private health insurance.