Frame Size Guide

Why the Size Matters

Find the right sized frame means Glasses can sit comfortably on your face all day.  Frames that are too big for your face is the primary reason why it keeps slipping off. Frames that are too narrow will leave pinch marks on your face.

Glasses frames have sizes too. Identifying the right size frame for you will require you to be familiar with 3 numbers. These numbers are printed on the inside arm of most glasses frames. They are written in the format like  52 - 18 - 145. These are the key component measurements of the frame.

Petite, Regular or Large

Frames can be categorise into 3 Sizes depending on the Eye Width Measurement.

Eye Width Measurements    Size Category 
 40mm - 50mm  Petite or Small Size
 50mm - 54mm  Regular or Medium Size
 > 54 mm  Large Size


Frame Selection Tips

A good rule of thumb when selecting your frame is to choose a frame that is slightly wider than your face. The first step is to find out the width of your face ( from Temple to Temple) then add 10mm to 12mm to that figure. 

The full width of a Frame is calculated by adding the Eye Width of both eyes along with the Bridge Width.

The Bridge Width is the distance separating the Left Lens and Right Lens . The range variation is between 14mm to 24mm.  If your eyes are close together then the suggestion is to select frames with a narrow bridge ( smaller number). If your eyes are far apart then a frame with a wider bridge ( larger number) will help balance out your face.

The Temple Length is comes in standard dimensions of 120mm, 125mm, 130, 140mm and 145mm. And is easily adjustable to fit along your the side of your face.

Comfy Specs have included Frame Dimensions in all our Glasses for you to review.  Should you have any questions, please contact us.